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Food Allergies

Letter to Parents Regarding Life Threatening Food Allergies

Dear Parents,
I am certain that you are aware of the growing number of children that are affected by food allergies. In response to the growing concerns relative to the health and safety implications of life threatening food allergies, legislation was passed in 2007 that required the New Jersey Commissioner of Education to develop "Guidelines for the Management of Life-Threatening Food Allergies in Schools." This publication provides direction to schools relative to the development of policies and the creation of safe school environments for students with severe food allergies. Each district must establish "consistent, systematic policies and practices that will offer students a safe and healthy learning environment."
In the past few years we have enrolled students with life threatening food allergies and have developed a series of policies, regulations, and practices to achieve full compliance with this legal and moral requirement. The statements below will summarize some of the important understandings that are essential in understanding the process that was followed to reach compliance:

  • Dr. Redlich and Dr. Rice, our school physicians, were directly involved with the administrative committee that adapted the state recommended policy for the management of life-threatening food allergies in schools for the UFRSD Policy Manual.
  • All required areas of concern from the state were considered including: considerations for cafeteria, classrooms, school functions, bus transportation, harassment, and emergency situations.
  • The importance of creating voluntary compliance within the community at large for a food allergy safety plan.
  • Training for teachers and staff, administration, students and members of the parent community relative to the life-threatening nature of such allergies.

The policy and regulation attached to this message will serve as an important step in the process of parent education relative to the responsibility of the school district to provide a safe environment for children with food allergies.
If you have any questions regarding this policy I encourage you to call the school principal or the school nurse to get more information. I am also available to help you better understand the requirements of N.J.S.A. 18A:40-12.3-12.6 and added 12.6a-d for full compliance with this law.
As always we greatly appreciate your effort to respond to the needs of all of our children so that each and every child can attend school in a safe and healthy environment.

Dick Fitzpatrick
Superintendent of Schools