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Welcome to Literacy Corner, a web-nook of information about Language Arts in grades pre-K to 8. Here are some of the areas you can survey:

Reading and Writing Workshop: Learn about the layout of our Language Arts classes, and the ways in which teachers tailor instruction to meet the needs of individual students.

Units of Study: Glimpse an overview of the units your child will be exploring this year in Reading and Writing. As we aim to be responsive to our students, these are subject to change based on the needs specific class.

SNAP words (K-4): View the lists of SNAP words for grades K-4. By the end of the year, we hope each student in these grades will be able to read and write the words on their list in a SNAP!

Word Study (5-8): See which word parts, derived primarily from Greek and Latin, are studied in grades 5-8.

Book Recommendations: Find recommendations for all reading levels, A-Z. Feel free to send in additional suggestions! These are "live" documents, and will be updated regularly.

Parent Guide to the Reading Levels: What is a 'reading level'? How can I help my child move from one level to the next? The Parent Guide will answer these questions and more.

If you have questions about our Language Arts program in general, or about the content on this site specifically, please feel free to contact me any time. Enjoy exploring our resources!

Julia Larkin

Pre-K-8 Literacy Coach

[email protected]

609-259-7292 (x5627)

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