Student Services

Margarita Baldeo
Director of Student Services, Margarita Baldeo

Mrs. Margarita Baldeo is the Director of Student Services at Upper
Freehold Regional School District. In addition to providing support
for staff members, Mrs. Baldeo is deeply committed to developing
strong partnerships between parents, community members and the school
district in order to provide the best outcomes for students requiring
special education services. She is passionate about developing a
continuum of programs for students including their mental health

Prior to coming to Upper Freehold Regional School District, Mrs.
Baldeo was the Supervisor of Student Services and Programs for the
Hamilton Township School District, where she was responsible for
supervising the special education programs, child study team members,
related service providers, school counselors, nurses, and student
assistance counselors across 17 school buildings. As a licensed
clinical mental health clinician, Mrs. Baldeo has also served as the
traumatic loss coalition liaison in prior districts, which granted her
the opportunity to provide vital staff training on mental health
topics and provide crisis counseling and psycho educational play
therapy interventions to children, adolescents, and families. Mrs.
Baldeo's background in mental health provided her the opportunity to
implement a multi-tiered mental health system of support that would
provide access to resources to all students when needed. Mrs. Baldeo
is a strong community advocate for at-risk children and adolescents
where she frequently volunteers her time to provide bilingual clinical
services to vulnerable populations. Mrs. Baldeo is passionate about
working with underrepresented populations, fostering community
outreach, and promoting educational access for all students.

Margarita Baldeo - Director of Student Services

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