Discipline Philosophy

At Upper Freehold Regional Elementary School, we view discipline as a learning experience and an opportunity for students to grow and acquire skills that they will be able to utilize throughout their lives. We follow a six-step "Win! Win!" conflict resolution model that teaches students to take responsibility for their actions and/or words, promotes listening skills, and offers time to forgive and affirm. The process is facilitated by a staff member that has been trained in assisting students through the steps. The six steps to resolve a conflict are:

  1. Take time to cool off.
  2. Use "I Messages" to state feelings.
    • No blaming.
    • No name calling.
    • No interrupting.
  3. Each person states the problem as the other person sees it.
  4. Each person says how they are responsible for the problem.
  5. Brainstorm solutions together - choose a solution that satisfies both.
  6. Affirm, forgive, or thank each other.

We feel that it is important for students to understand that everyone makes mistakes and that the most important piece to this process is that they learn from their mistakes. We believe that taking the time to speak with students about their choices and using the six-step "Win! Win!" guidelines helps to facilitate this process.