Fourth Grade Curricula

     Newell Elementary School

        Grade Level Curriculum Overview


Innovamat Math Overview

Innovamat is a competency-based educational program for teaching and learning mathematics. Learning based on practices generates knowledge that is more solid, connected, critical, and long lasting; developing a comprehensive mathematical experience. Innovamat focuses on the processes of Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Connections, and Communication and Representation. 

Students will build knowledge while exploring manipulative and digital materials, collaborate and discuss multiple ways to answer challenging questions, and strengthen strategies by working in meaningful contexts. 

Language Arts:

Reading: Reading Workshop follows a predictable structure: a mini lesson, followed by time for independent reading where students practice skills and strategies taught during the mini lesson, opportunities to share insights, and time allotted for small group instruction. The heart of the reading workshop is the read aloud where a teacher models the skills and strategies being taught. There are four units of study that each take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Readers focus on units entitled: Interpreting Characters; Reading the Weather, Reading the World; Historical Fiction Clubs; and Reading History. 

Writing: In Writing Workshop, students are given explicit instruction and ample opportunity for independent practice. Students are taught not only Spelling and Convention, but also the qualities and strategies of quality writing. Children are taught the writing process and work through brainstorming, planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. There are four units of study which take about 4-6 weeks to complete. The units include: the Arc of the Story; Boxes and Bullets; Bringing History to Life; and Literary Essay. 

Fundations: Fundations is a phonics-based approach to decoding, reading, and spelling. Fourth graders continue the skills they learned in previous years and expand upon their phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and spelling skills. Students learn a new skill in each unit (e.g., adding suffixes, -tion vs. -sion) and are assessed on their ability to apply the rule after five days of practice. Fundations Level 3 also stresses the practice of sound-alike words/homophones and assesses students’ abilities to use them properly in sentences.


Mystery Science is an inquiry-focused and research-based program designed to encourage student curiosity in the world around them. Mystery Science focuses on student interests and engages learners through hands-on activities. The program encourages students to use scientific discourse and activate prior knowledge. The units covered in fourth grade include the “Birth of Rocks,” the “Human Machine,” “Waves of Sound,” and “Energizing Everything.” 

Social Studies:

Social Studies Alive: Regions of Our Country utilizes inquiry-based unit structures to engage the students’ interests. The standards-aligned content gives students the opportunity to make personal connections, explore diverse perspectives, and draw upon and apply previous knowledge. The units covered in fourth grade include “Discovering the Social Sciences”, “Exploring Regions of the United States”, “The Peopling of the United States”, and “A Tour of the Northeast.”

Characteristics of a Successful Learner: In this area NES staff focuses on teaching students to be–

Effective Communicators by listening attentively and speaking 

clearly with appropriate volume.

Self-Directed Learners by taking initiative and works independently,

uses time effectively, and preservers in task completion.

Collaborative Team Member by working cooperatively with peers,is

respectful of  the ideas, rights and feelings of others.

Creative and Practical Problem Solver by taking learning risks and 

Considers multiple solutions to problems.

Mindfulness: Focuses on empowering students to:

develop self-awareness tools

develop self-management tools

to be calm

to be focused

to be connected

to be energetically balanced

These skills are taught through breath, movement and mindfulness practices in order for students to be ready to learn.