Kindergarten Curricula

Newell Elementary School

        Grade Level Curriculum Overview


Innovamat Math Overview

Innovamat is a competency-based educational program for teaching and learning mathematics. Learning based on practices generates knowledge that is more solid, connected, critical, and long lasting; developing a comprehensive mathematical experience. Innovamat focuses on the processes of Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Connections, and Communication and Representation. 

Students will build knowledge while exploring manipulative and digital materials, collaborate and discuss multiple ways to answer challenging questions, and strengthen strategies by working in meaningful contexts. 

Language Arts: Kindergarten students read both fiction and nonfiction materials within the Reading Workshop format.  We differentiate instruction based on your child’s needs using conferencing, decodable text, guided small group reading and strategy groups.  We use decodable texts to assist our beginning readers. 

We complete Shared Reading activities which focus on comprehension and reading fluency. In addition, we read thematic stories based on our units of study throughout the curriculum. 

Kindergarten writers write from their experiences using the Writing Workshop format. Whole group mini lessons are taught and then instruction is differentiated through 1-1 conferencing as well as small group strategy and skill lessons. The students share their writing with their classmates and teachers.

Weekend Journals, thematic writing and other writing activities are used with a focus on sentence structure and mechanics, writing multiple sentences on topic, basic punctuation and capitalization.

Fundations:  Phonics and handwriting are taught using the Wilson Fundations program. Letters, sounds, building words and sentence structure are also emphasized.  “Heart Words” are taught using a variety of materials with an emphasis on multisensory learning.

Science:  In Kindergarten we follow the Next Generation Science Standards and study about Trees, Weather, Seasons, Color mixing and Animals.

Social Studies: In Kindergarten we learn about Family, Friendship,  Self-esteem, Cultural Diversity, Who am I?, Manners, Holidays and  Celebrations and Communities.

Characteristics of a Successful Learner: In this area NES staff focuses on teaching students to be–

Effective Communicators by listening attentively and speaking 

clearly with appropriate volume.

Self-Directed Learners by taking initiative and works independently,

uses time effectively, and preservers in task completion.

Collaborative Team Member by working cooperatively with peers,is

respectful of  the ideas, rights and feelings of others.

Creative and Practical Problem Solver by taking learning risks and 

Considers multiple solutions to problems.

Mindfulness: Focuses on empowering students to:

develop self-awareness tools

develop self-management tools

to be calm

to be focused

to be connected

to be energetically balanced

These skills are taught through breath, movement and mindfulness practices in order for students to be ready to learn.