Bus Safety

Students in the elementary school have the opportunity for bus transportation provided by the district. The following guidelines for behavior of students on the bus must be adhered to at all times in order to maintain a safe environment.

1 - Follow the bus driver's directions at all times.
2 - Board and depart from the bus in a proper, orderly manner.
3 - Remain in the bus seats at all times when the bus is moving or preparing to move.
4 - Refrain from inappropriate behavior (eg. fighting, pushing, tripping).
5 - Refrain from using electronics on the bus at all times.
6 - Use appropriate language.
7 - Use seat belts properly.
8 - Refrain from throwing object in or out of the bus.
9 - Refrain from hanging out the windows.
10 - Maintain a behavior that respects the safety of others.

Infractions of the bus guidelines will be handled by the elementary administration.