Staff Directory


Kelly Huggins: Newell Elementary School, Principal, ext. 2100

Ken Mount: Newell Elementary School, Vice Principal, ext. 2854


Main Office Staff:

Andrea Macko: Administrative Assistant to the Principal, ext. 2850

Sandy Gaum: Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal, ext. 2851

Michael Brandt: Security Officer, ext. 2877

Health Office:

Kristen Dubois: School Nurse, ext. 2865
Beth Conti: School Nurse, ext. 2865

Technology Office:

PJ Meara:  IT Specialist,  ext. 2870

Guidance Office:

Michael Rowley: PreK-4th Guidance Counselor, ext. 2206

Child Study Team:

Louise SanNicola: Child Study Team Secretary, ext. 2122/3350

Dona Daesner: School Psychologist, ext. 1738

Dr. Valentina Ventola-Ward: School Psychologist, ext. 2858

Dana Schleider: LDTC, ext. 2859 

Samantha Silverman: CREW Counselor, ext. 2856

Related Service Providers:

Dr. Amy Greenbaum: Physical Therapist, ext. 2124
Rylea Hager: Occupational Therapist, ext. 2124

Rachel Rondinelli: Occupational Therapist, ext. 2124

Staci Wible: Speech Therapist, ext. 2144

Wendy Ray: Speech Therapist, ext. 2144


Teachers and Assistants:
Dayana Alvarez: Lunch/Recess Assistant

Aimee Blum: Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 2107 

Keryn Cerniglia: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2308/2312 

Sabrina Comforte: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2114

Jenna Curry: 2nd Grade Teacher, ext. 2126 Mary Dancer: 2nd Grade Teacher, ext. 2128

Daniel Depoto: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2127

Kim Derisi: Fine Arts Teacher, ext. 2204

Melissa Desarno: Special Education Teacher, ext.2111/2112

Nikki Domenech: PreK Teacher, ext. 2109

Susan Downs: Reading Interventionist, ext. 2138

Kim Fanning: 4th Grade Teacher, ext. 2310 Kelly Fingerhut: Computers/STEAM, ext. 2200/2201

Cathy Gartland: Lunch/Recess Assistant

Kim Gaul: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2118

Carol Gorczyca: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2103

Rachael Graham: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2142/2117

Rob Graham: Physical Education, ext. 2863

Morgan Gravatt: 1st Grade Teacher, ext.2118

Alexandra Grcic: PreK Teacher, ext. 2105

Jen Hamer: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2115

Barbara Harrill: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2119

Allison Heide: Math Interventionist, ext. 2301

Michelle Heissler: Reading Interventionist, ext. 2138

Corey Hosler: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2208

Kevin Hrubos: Music Fine Arts, ext. 2121

Tina Jacobs: 2nd Grade Teacher, ext. 2117  

Lisa Kilyk: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2109

Jerry Kirwin: Instructional Assistant, ext.2127

Marci Kochman: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2205

Cynthia Koontz: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2111/2112

Deanna Landolina: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2303 Meghan Leahey: 4th Grade Teacher, ext. 2303 

Jane Lee-You: 3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 2212

Jeannie Leister: Math Interventionist, ext. 2123
Val Loichle: Lunch/Recess Assistant
Kelly Manning: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2208

Michelle Marcantonio: 1st Grade Teacher, ext. 2114

Joyce Mason: PreK, ext. 2104

Meg McCarthy: 2nd Grade Teacher, ext. 2119 

Kimee Moore: Librarian, ext. 2862

Lee Anne Moslowski: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2303/2306

Matt Nemeth: Physical Education, ext. 2863

Kristin Norkus: ESL Teacher, ext. 2116
Christina Occhiogrosso: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2119 

Diana Pabon: Spanish Teacher, ext. 2202
John Peacock: Lunch/Recess Assistant

Jennifer Potash: 4th Grade Teacher, ext. 2312

Jenny Rich: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2109
Liz Richards:3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 2210

Julia Rosenberger: Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 2108

Lauren Rossi: Reading Interventionist, ext. 2138 

Danielle Schepise: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2125/2107

Christine Schiavo: 3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 2203

Gina Seip: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2104

Jillian Sing: Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 2110

Aimee Smith: 3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 2208

Dale Tantillo: Lunch/Recess Assistant

Allison Tate: 1st Grade Teacher, ext. 2112

Jamie Tobolski: Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 2106

Tara Toporek: Instructional Assistant, ext. 2117/2142
Shannon Tremel: 4th Grade Teacher, ext. 2305

Rosemarie Valinotti: 3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 2205
Anna Vernick: Special Education Teacher, ext. 2310

Wendy Welsh: 1st Grade Teacher, ext. 2115 

Carolyn Zindel: PreK Teacher, ext. 2103