About NES

Newell Elementary School is a vibrant and dynamic learning community. Dedicated to providing the highest quality education for every student, the school devotes its energy to providing the very best learning experience for students. The school constantly challenges itself with high expectations and continually involves the community in the education of each student.

The school is centrally located between Allentown and Upper Freehold Township. Currently there are 680 Pre K through 4th Grade students. We have a unique situation in that the building is currently shared between the elementary and middle school. However, we operate on a staggered schedule. The new middle school is tentatively scheduled to open its doors September 2010. Once construction is complete, the middle school section (grades 5-8) will relocate to the new building and this school will truly be transformed into an elementary school.

Our school's academic program is designed to challenge every student. All subject area programs and curricula are coordinated with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Our integrated language arts curriculum includes literature-based reading, a growing utilization of non-fiction materials, and a strong emphasis on the writing process. These elements integrate learning, thinking, fostering creativity, problem solving, and communicating. Our mathematics program is based upon the philosophy that student performance should shift from a focus on routine skills to the development of a broad-based math background, which permits students to discern relationships, reason logically, and use a range of strategies to solve a wide variety of challenging problems. Hands-on manipulative, problem-solving strategies, calculators and computers are introduced to students to master computational skills, apply math knowledge, and develop complex thinking processes. Our science program capitalizes on the students' natural curiosity to discover, make logical connections and explain the world around them. Students participate in the scientific method and apply a variety of scientific process skills in hands-on experiences.

Students receive world language experiences in grades 1-4 through an exploratory program in Spanish. Balanced literacy is enhanced with cultural activities, Total Physical Response lessons and a celebration of the language. In addition, students receive weekly classes in art, music, and physical education.

Over 200-networked computers are utilized to master computer skills, clarify subject-related concepts, explore research sources, and enhance writing and reading competencies. We continue to place emphasis on the integration of technology into instruction.

The Upper Freehold Regional Elementary School is committed to educating the whole child. We believe it is essential to develop the social, emotional, physical, and academic component of each child. Through our academic approach and focus on learning as well as our in-depth character education program, we are certain that we are meeting the needs of our children and preparing them for a journey of lifelong learning.